The Romanian Hair Transplant Forum provides information and resources needed for the education about the latest hair transplantation techniques. It is the leading platform for consumer education and awareness.


The Romanian Hair Transplant Forum is the ideal place for hair transplant clinics and trichological surgeons to present their cases and to prove patients their professional abilities. Interested in advertising with us? Awesome! Contact us for a quote!

Reach your audience is designed primarily for the Romanian & Moldovan market, having the most significant market share comprised of 72% of Romanian speaking audience.  However, non-native speakers, such as foreign residents or regularly recurring visitors in Romania, do visit the website as well, in their search for relevant data about hair transplant and available options.
This audience group uses automated translation services such as Bing Translator, in order to get site-wide access to information, easily. Although not perfect, the automated translation is quite accurate and gives you a good idea about most details. Give it a try yourself...

Support in English

Our team at Romania (TCR) will kindly handle all your inquiries, in the English language.
Should you require assistance choosing a clinic for your hair transplant or should you be a member of technical staff of a hair transplant clinic interested in collaboration options with TCR, do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff. For patient or business inquiries alike, we assist you gladly, in English!

Professional international resources, in English

Foreign residents that are interested in discovering more about hair transplant and about the available options in different countries, should also consult the external resources page.  On this page our team added links towards specialized forums from other European countries, as well as the US. Details...

Clinical as well as non-clinical hair transplant practitioners interested to access professional information about the latest Trichological discoveries and developments, in English, should visit FUE Europe Magazine, an educational project maintained by FUE Europe.
The Magazine offers a wealth of scientific and practical information about the latest discoveries and research in the fields Trichology and of hair transplant.
Visit FUE Europe Magazine...

Professional training courses in hair transplant

Renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Arvind Poswal and his team of specialists at Dr. A's Clinic now offer professional training courses in hair transplant.
The courses are available both remotely, online, as well as hands-on, at its New Delhi clinic and are aimed not only at medical staff, but also at those who want to understand or deepen the basic concepts that underlie successful surgeries.
The cost of the training courses is 465 euros for the online version and 930 euros for the hands-on version, with assisted practice on patients.

Details and registration at

Professional organizations and associations

We also recommend you to visit the web sites of the International and European Organizations listed below.


FUE Europe - The European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals, is one of the most recognized Associations in Europe. FUE Europe organizes yearly scientific conventions, as well as training courses for hair transplant surgeons and medical staff. FUE Europe members benefits of various incentives and discounts. Visit the organization at

EADV - The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
The European Dermato-Venereology Society mission is to provide continuing medical education for all Dermato-Venereologists within Europe. Visit EADV at

European Association of Plastic Surgeons
EURAPS aims of promoting the excellence of Plastic Surgery in Europe and to stimulate research and investigation at European level, as well as to coordinate various forms of teaching.
Visit EURAPS at

European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
The National Societies of plastic, reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery within Europe, are affiliated to the umbrella organization, European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
Visit ESPRAS at

European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
EBOPRAS is the working group of the UEMS Section of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
The Specialty Issues Committee deals with all professional matters impacting the specialty. Visit EBOPRAS at

European Union of Medical Specialists is the oldest medical organization in Europe and it is the representative organization of the National Associations of Medical Specialists in the European Union and its associated countries.
Visit UEMS at

ISHRS - The international Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
ISHRS is a non-profit organization of professionals in the hair transplant field. Details on

The International Society for Dermatologic Surgery
ISDS provides the incentive of keeping its members up to date with the latest developments and rapid changes in Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery. Visit ISDS at

SiTri - The Italian Society of Trichology
SiTri organizes twice a year a Scientific Congress dedicated to all those involved with this discipline, doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, technicians, undergraduates and hairstylists.
Visit SiTri at